Versatile offset discs are available in weight classes ranging from 550 lb/ft to 1050 lb/ft. Designed to be stronger and last longer Versatile discs feature extreme-duty bearings and optional interlocking 1/2 spools and the industry's strongest, tightest gangs with steel fabricated spools torqued to an impressive 3,200 ft-lb.

Working Width 10' to 20' (3 to 6.1 m) 10’ to 15’ (3.0 to 4.5 m) 9.5' to 15.5' (2.9 to 4.7 m)
Bearings 410 WSS series T2-215 series trunnion mounted, regreaseable, 10342 kg (22,800 lb) radial load rating


The Versatile SD550 is an all-purpose offset disc that weighs in the 550 lbs per foot weight class. It is an all purpose machine that provides the flexibility of doing either primary or secondary tillage work. The SD550 is available in either 9" or 10.5" blade spacing with 24" or 26" blades.


The model SD650 Versatile offset is an excellent primary tillage tool. Designed for forage breaking and heavy residue this disc is perfect for all agricultural applications and light industrial work. The SD650 is available in working widths from 10' to 20' and choice of 10.5" or 12" blade spacing


The Versatile SD750 Offset Disc has the same 8" x 4" x 3/8" (203 x 102 x 9 mm) steel tube frame as the SD650, but with ballast for extra weight, the SD750 is ready for serious work. All this weight and strength combines for a 361 lb (164 kg) average weight per blade. Available in 12" (305 mm) blade spacing with a floating hitch standard equipment.


The Versatile SD1050 is a heavy-duty disc designed for heavy construction and mining applications and the most demanding agricultural jobs. The SD1050 features a floating hitch to ensure a smooth level finish on all jobs. Available in 9-1/2' to 15-1/2' widths the SD1050 comes with a standard 14" blade spacing.